Non-conventional kinetic facade and Solar gains

Dear @mostapha and @chris

I faced a question for my PhD research before I choose the right methodology for simulation phase.

Regarding an example you shared in hydra, considering a non-conventional kinetic facade (like origami inspired shading system) that is changing on hourly basis, how HB or E+ can calculate its impact on solar gain dynamically? I know E+ is not able to do this independently, but there is a definition in the reference through SurfaceProperty:LocalEnvironment, however I couldnt find a clue how to do it in a perfect way.

This is important to know because if we cant evaluate the dynamic effect of shading on solar gains, then my results will be inaccurate to calculate the indoor thermal comfort in my case.


Hi,@AMIRTABADKANI . As I know, it is very diffcult to simulate kinetic facade in Energyplus. As for your question, I suggest you to simulate the solar radiation using Honeybee and Radiance for some different scenarios.

Thanks for your reply

Yes your right but my goal is thermal comfort evaluation which I have to use energyplus anyway …

Can I have your recommendation on this issue @mostapha? Thanks in advance