Non convex surfaces complex geometry


I have some issues with non convex surfaces. I find quite difficult to manage non convex surfaces for irregular zone volumes. I fixed as many as I can but I have trouble with the last 6 trimmed surfaces.
Anyone with more experience who can help me solving this issue?
I attached here my .gh file definition.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Villa non convex (605.9 KB)

Concave Faces are totally acceptable in LBT 1.6.0. Is there a particular warning from EnergyPlus that you are trying to avoid? If so, changing the calc_method of the HB Shadow Calculation to PixelCounting will get the warning to go away.

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Hi Chris,

I appreciate your input and assistance. I followed your suggestions, but unfortunately, I am still encountering the same errors. This is my first attempt at creating an energy model in HB that involves complex rooms spanning two floors. I am struggling to identify the mistake I may have made. Can you understand the issue from the following error messages ?
Villa non convex (605.9 KB)

Please find attached the GH file, which contains all the relevant information and data.
Thank you for your time and expertise. I look forward to your guidance.

There’s no mistake. It’s just an EnergyPlus warning that your Shadow Calculation settings could be adjusted to be more appropriate for your geometry. Read the text that I put in bold above.

Despite attempting the solution you suggested, I am still encountering the same errors except for the first one of the list. Additionally, I have not been able to obtain any output results.

For further clarification, I have attached a picture displaying the current state of the issue.
Did I misunderstood something regarding your initial recommendation?

I was able to resolve the issue by simply removing the boolean toggle for adiabatic settings, which was previously set to true. I am unsure why this was causing an error, as I assumed the internal walls to be adiabatic. Could anyone provide a clarification on this matter?
Thank you for your help in advance.

Villa non convex surface (1.1 MB)