Non-Convex Zone with two windows

Hello everyone!

I recently ran into a problem in a energymodel I am building, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on why energyplus is classifying this zone as non-convex. The model I’m building had diferente wall constructions and adjacent rooms (this explains why the wall geometry is so broken up), but i took those out to simplify. What I could figure out is if you remove one of the windows, energyplus doesn’t detect any severe (543.3 KB)



By checking the error message I could find the surfaces that EnergyPlus is complaining about:

and if you have a closer look you will see that the surface is slightly off! I draw a line between the start and end points of the wall with the window and then zoomed in. It’s minor and shouldn’t be something for EnergyPlus to complain but it does! :roll_eyes:


That’s strange! The gap between both surfaces was smaller than the Rhino tolerance (0,01 m). Ayway, I fixed the surfaces and that solved the error.

Thanks for the help!