Non-planar surfaces? Degenerate surfaces?


I’m getting an error in my run simulation component. It tells me, that my models consists of non-planar surfaces:

but there are no non-planar surfaces:

Though I’m getting pretty realistic results: 118 kWh/(sqm*a)…

Thanks very much!


Please upload your rhino and grasshooper file for further discussion.

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Will do. Thanks, @minggangyin!

The rhino-file is empty because the geometry is paramatic. But it has the right settings, so it has to be used together.

PA.3dm (17.1 KB) (773.2 KB)

Relaxing the tolerance in Rhino model fixes this issue. I set it to a cm (0.01).


thank you very much, @mostapha! I also found a little mistake in the gh. now its working fine. :slight_smile:

is cm the smallest dimension to work with honeybee?

No. It depends on your model. Being planar and nonplanar is relative to the tolerance in your model.

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i see. thanks again for your help, @mostapha!