NoneType object has no attribute

I am optimizing openings in a building regarding efficient daylighting and natural ventilation. I have been getting this error while trying to run energy simulation, solve adjacency: ‘none type’ object has no attribute ‘split’.
Is there a way to fix this?
I’ve just updated Honeybee to Honeybee plus. It seems I miss some components. I haven’t figured out why this happens or how to fix it.

Thank you for all your help.

960619.3dm (2.84 MB) (1.99 MB)

Hi all

if anyone can help me it’ll be great.

Thank you devang for looking into this. I tried this but solve adjacency doesn’t work. Do you have any idea?

Hi saeedeh

Honeybee_set EP Airflow components do not output HBZones. can you please look into that?

Ok I tried following and it worked;

Set the _naturalVentilationType to 1. then,

Set the _naturalVentilationType to 2 again

Please look into these. some geometry is not referenced. I have also made some change to the file. Attached is my copy. (1.99 MB)