Not A Valid .EPW file w/ genCumSkyMtx

Hi All,

I’m having trouble generating a cumulativeSkyMtx. I’m assuming it has to do with my EPW file (purchased) since everything is working with a different EPW file. Trying to brush up on my comma-delimited reading to see if the EPW is just missing radiation data, but having a hard time. Troubled EPW file attached for reference. Thanks

test-JOR_AMMAN-AP_402700_IW2.EPW (1.55 MB)

If it helps, the EPW that is not working is an IWEC2 file. And the working EPW is a TMY3 file. Perhaps the IWEC2 file is the issue?

Sean, Did you try to import the file with import epw? Might be our mistake in checking lowercase vs uppercase. Try to rename “.EPW” to “.epw”. I will try to check the file soon.

Just checked! It’s my bad. I forgot to compare lowercase to lowercase. Just rename it to .epw

Mostapha, I renamed the file extension to “.epw” lowercase and it works as expected. Thanks for your help, I would have never tried that! Happy that was the issue.

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