Not able to add window to surface with AddHBGlz

Hi everyone,
I am following Chris’s tutorials and when trying to model windows (similarly to videos 12-14) with AddHBGlz the window does not appear in the new object. I don’t know what is wrong, I think I have done as the tutorial. I also checked the rhino geometry to see if it is similar to Chris’s example.
If some could check it I would appreciate. It is probably a silly thing, but I could not figure it out. (487.6 KB)

Thanks in advance

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It works fine on my machine. What is the Rhino document tolerance settings on your document? This is mine which works fine.

Thanks, Mostapha,
I thought I had changed the units properly but it seems that when you change the units to meters the layout units remains in millimeters. With this change, it works fine.
Thank you not only for the help with this issue but for all the work you have been doing, developing LB and HB, the videos and the platform. It is an amazing work. I really appreciate. Especially for those, thank you.

Thanks, Mostapha,
I found the most important thing in using ladybug is to change units first.