Not all internal walls are recognized

Hi all,

I keep having problems with the way honeybee sees my geometry. In the picture the external walls are yellow, internal walls are red and the floor is blue. Somehow it messes some of the internal walls up.

I feel there is an easy way to fix this but i can’t figure it out. (590.7 KB)

Since you didn’t upload the file here i will suggest to try to insert the HB_Intersectmasses between the brep and before the HB_MassToZones.

Oeps, just forgot to upload. I uploaded it just now.

The intersect-masses doesn’t work as well though.

Well. I checked your file. It was not related to the intersect masses but rather to the scale of the geometry. It is in mm. I scaled it to be in mts and it is working now.
Even though it can work in mm you should adjust your tolerance value … but better to work in mts (energy simulations wise).
Here is the file corrected: (705.8 KB)

BTW the intersect masses, there is a second version (Honeybee_IntersectMassII) that do work. I don’t remember who wrote it (is in C#).


Awesome! It works fine now!
Kind of used to do everything in mm with a background in mechanical engineering.
Thanks for taking time to help me.

@AbrahamYezioro Any change you can tell me where i can download the second version of Honeybee_Intersectmass? I do have some troubles now after adding multiple levels

I’ve found that the IntersectMassII is part of the Ironbug set of components for HVAC. @MingboPeng is the author.
So you need to install ironbug in order to have this. Look for discussions on this in the forum.


Thanks again. Somehow, still I can’t get it right. I did use the Honeybee_intersectmass2.
Any change you can take a look? I’m thinking that the geometry is just maybee to complicated?


Opening your file, as is, works fine for me:

I suggest to check the tolerance in rhino. Mine is set to 0.001. Or set the tolerance in the HB_solveAdjc component.

@AbrahamYezioro forgot to mention that the internal walls are doing just fine, but others are not.
As you can see in this picture, it doesn’t recognize an external wall and sees it as a window.
Also, the first floor misses a little part of it.

Your suggestion about the tolerance did fix parts of it, but not all. (731.7 KB)

Don’t know what to say. It opens fine at my end:

Still believe it is related to the tolerance.
Good luck.