Not converge after 25 warmup + CHKBKS problem

Hello everyone, I´m having a problem with a file that doest break before, the error when I run "runenergysimulation"says:

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** CheckWarmupConvergence: Loads Initialization, Zone=“ZONA_HABITABLE_3” did not converge after 25 warmup days.

I found this problem in this forum, but it doest have solved.

If I check the run error.err file i got this phrase:

Severe ** Problem in interior solar distribution calculation (CHKBKS)
** ~~~ ** Solar Distribution = FullInteriorExterior will not work in Zone=ZONA_HABITABLE_57
** ~~~ ** because vertex 1 of back surface=ZONA_HABITABLE_57_SRF_5 is in front of receiving surface=ZONA_HABITABLE_57_SRF_8
** ~~~ ** (Dot Product indicator=14.2205)
** ~~~ ** Check surface geometry; if OK, use Solar Distribution = FullExterior instead.

In other post said that this problem is not mandatory, I mean, I can get the result with this warming, but I haventt.

I attach the file: (891.4 KB)

Thanks for your help.

Checking the model, I found when I export to Openstudio, its works in OpenStudio… but the exporttoOS battery of ladybug keps the problems of convergence and the run simulation doest work.

I solved the Solar distribution checking Full exterior in EnergySimpPar.

But the problem of convergence of 25 days continue…

Hello, I have the same problem. Have you solved it in any way?

If the problem has not been solved yet, this page (Warmup Convergence Error) might help.
Thank you.