Not showing generation system results when calculated with Openstudio


As part of an optimization, I am running energy simulations for a project, and I need both the energy demand (heating, cooling, lighting load), as well as the energy generated from BIPVs. I use a VAV system, and therefore I use the “Export to Openstudio” component to calculate the energy load. However, when I connect the “read generation system results” component to Openstudio component, I have no results for the energy generated, although netpurchasedelect and totalelectdemand are calculated. When I connect the “read generation system results” component to the “”Run Energy Simulation”component, I have all the results (including the energy generated) related to the BIPVs. So, should I use both energy plus and Openstudio to obtain the results that I need? Why the Openstudio cannot show the energy generated results? I have attached the GH file. Thank you in advance for the consideration. (631.9 KB)


@Despoina ,

Are you able to get the generation systems to run in the hydra example?

If you are not able to get results there, we know that the issue has something to do with your machine (perhaps the version of OpenStudio that you are using or the version of your Honeybee components)

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Hi @chris,
Just by chance i experienced the same issue as @Despoina described.
The hydra example indeed creates the output for the OS component. But other examples i’m running are not. Just one example i created from scratch succeeded (more than one zone), but others don’t.
I’m using OS 2.5 and (as you know) use last updated components.
@Grasshope, can you share if you experience the same issue?


Sorry for the incredibly late response here. From what I can tell by running @Despoina 's example, it looks like the generator objects are written into the IDF:

It looks like the issue is only with the writing/reading of the results. Let me see if I can get to the bottom of it in the next few minutes.

Honeybee PV generator

It looks like all that was needed to fix this was a relatively minor tweak to the code:

Everything works in the attached file now: (643.8 KB)

And, @AbrahamYezioro , let me know if this fixes the issues for yourself as well.


Hi @chris,
Thanks. It is working now for my cases.
The only thing is that the date of the component should be also updated :smile:



Chris, thank you very much for solving that ! :)) It works for me!


my apology to all, I was not reading the posts in the forum lately…