Not showing right energy results


I want to calculate the annual loads and followed ‘Ladybug tools’ videos and honeybee energy script. I made schedules/ day profiles in detail and construction but they show exorbitant/ crazy energy levels and results, which is not possible. I tried both with energy plus and HB read room energy result. What is wrong here? (script attached)
Energy according to facade fabric (177.4 KB)


I couldn’t run as the geometry may not be internalised by your goodselves. But I could find one issue which may have caused the internal walls exposed and may have generated windows to internal walls.

Please connect the solve adjacency first and then assign glazing by ratio which ensures the classification of walls as exterior and interior.

Thank you for the insight @Naga , I changed it, but it didn’t impact the results. My inputs were all wrong as I forgot to convert them from another software.

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