Number of days with sunhine for 8h

I need help to create a definition with LB to get the number of days of the input geometry where the sun shines for at least 8 h.

I use the LB sunlight hours and sunpath-diagram components with a conditional statement to retreive the sunlight hours for when the normal radiation equals or exceeds 120 W/m2 (the definition of sunshine). But then I want to see how often it shines for a particular period per day. The unit I seek is hence the number of days where a minimum of 8h sun is shining (960 W/m2/day (8h/day*120Wh/m2)) simulated on the Rhino-model.

Thanks alot in advance!

Just because i consider that it can serve more cases and user, i wrote a small component that can give you what you asked for:

  1. Define your threshold for radiation (uses LB components)
  2. Define your threshold for desired hours in the day you want to know they comply with the previous radiation threshold.
    This is done according to the EPW file and doesn’t check specific situations.
    Hope it helps.
    @mostapha, @chris do you think this can bring some use for the whole LB suit?

Dates (397.4 KB)

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Thanks alot, really helpful!
Next step would be to apply these conditional statements onto the input geometries and test points in order to visualize the results geographically.

This is practical, especially towards a planning with the optimal positions for small scale farming and ideas on sutiable crops. I guess there are other tools availbale for this purpose, but it’s the seamless integrated design flow that GH and LB offers that I’m looking for.