Numbers Drop down list & a storage way

Hi guys …

I have two questions for today :slight_smile:

1- The common way to make a range of numbers in Grasshopper is the Slider … Is there a way to make the range in a drop down list … ?

2- Suppose that I have a program that can output a different number in each run … can I make a store way … something like a pop or a stack … to save the values in the grasshopper window?

Thanks …

The Data Recorder component is what you are looking for?

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Thank you very much @AbrahamYezioro … that solved the recording part … (Y)

still the one related to the drop down list …

“Value list”



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Thx @FabianPosadas … that did work
I thought it is used only with a specific list like with “Entwine” component … but it did the job … :ok_hand: