I am trying to do an energy model a very large building that includes many roof facets, skylights and walls that are almost entirely glass. I have simplified the model for you which includes all kinds of exterior shading but I want to make sure that the model will run before I do that.

When I run the Eplus module it trashes terribly and it is not clear to me why.

Can you take a look a this and let me know what is going wrong.


Ken Martin
510 717 2068nVidia II Load Calculation Model SIMPLIFIED.3dm (6.2 MB)
nVidia II Energy Model SIMPLIFIED.gh (2.1 MB)

Hi @kennethwmartin,

The issue was that you pressed an extra enter after the name FLOOR OVER GARAGE. It was adding an extra line inside the idf file and EnergyPlus doesn’t like that. This is something that we really need to take care of on our side and give you a warning before EnergyPlus crashes on you.

The other issue was duplicate names. If you’re going to provide a name for the surfaces then you need to make sure you match data to have a unique name for each surface. I also fixed that in your file.

I also made a number of changes in your file to flatten the inputs to make the script run faster. The Rhino model can be simplified in a couple of case so you don’t end up with extra surfaces for meshing the non-planar surfaces.

I didn’t wait for all the energy simulation to be over but the input file processing is passed with no errors. It takes 1 minutes to write the idf file and it’s around 100K lines so I assume it will take some time for the simulation to finish.

nVidia II Energy Model SIMPLIFIED_msr.gh (2.2 MB)

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Thank you for helping me on this. I did some more work on it is and found that I had lots of other errors like surfaces that were too small creating a <3 sided surface as well as non-convex surfaces. That one catches me every time.

I am re-creating the model again and let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again,