Object Reference Tagging and VSC Calculations

Hi All,

I’m currently road-testing Rhino, Grasshopper and Honeybee for daylighting analysis. I’ve been using Ecotect as a front end for Radiance for years – but Ecotect isn’t ageing well and it is time to move on… I am mostly preparing analysis for planning applications in accordance with BRE guidelines in the UK. I’ve some, hopefully simple, questions for those of you who know Honeybee well and I’d really appreciate your feedback / help. I’m aware some of these queries are general Grasshopper rather than Honeybee questions.

I’ve attached my first simple model and grasshopper script – the culmination of a week of learning…

In the first instance, I want to complete VSC analysis of windows in a model and I need to export the results for inclusion in a report. I need to be able to:

I’m sure this will be the first of many questions – but I really appreciate your help.

Many thanks


VSC_Tag_Model_1.3dm (1.65 MB)
Working VSC Script.gh (431 KB)

Here you go Nick.

See white group.

I updated the file and some components needed to be reinserted.

For excel there are some ways to do that. Loof, for instance TTTolbox.


WorkingVSCScript_AY.gh (478 KB)

An updated version.


WorkingVSCScript_AY.gh (478 KB)


To get the text to display in the plane of the window, you have to extract the planes from the window surfaces and feed these into the Text Tag 3D component like so:

See attached file for how it works.

Abraham’s suggestions for excel exporters are spot on. Personally, I found the TTToolbox excel exporter to the be most intuitive and reliable when I was first starting out with Grasshopper:


There are countless excel export/import components out there in the GH community, though. If you want to get very advanced with working between the Excel and GH, David Man’s open source Bumblebee is an awesome plugin made by an awesome man:


Also Abraham,

It’s great to see an example of VSC being used for the BRE application that I remember you cited here (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/ladybug/issues/230). I’m very glad that you brought it up. Thank for being the insightful guru that you are :slight_smile:


WorkingVSCScript_AY_CWM.gh (481 KB)

Chris, Abraham,

This is spectacularly helpful, thank you both. One observation - which may be obvious to everyone else, the numbering / ID tag of the windows follows the order that the geometry is selected when added to the BREP, rather than the order that the geometry was created.

I’m not sure that this is an issue - indeed it provides maximum flexibility on the order of objects - but it might be an issue for some.