Octree erroe

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I was working through an automated slider run of a radiance illuminance analysis. It was running over night and was stopped for a reason I am not sure of, potentially a forced restart by windows. Now I cannot get radiance to complete a run and the octree is not being generated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino, Grasshopper, Honeybee/Ladybug, and radiance to no avail. Any ideas? Screenshot of the error below. It was running fine…Won’t run on even the simplest of models. Thanks.

octree error.docx (94.7 KB)

Hi Ed,

Had a similar error a few days ago. If memory serves me well the error is produced when any of your surfaces do not fit in octree. I do not know what type of geometry you are running but if it is a building/room try to include an outside ground plane that stretches beyond your current walls/boundaries. Not sure this will fix it, as my error was a truncate error, but worth to try.

Also, perhaps uploading your definition will get you better advice from experts of the forum.

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Also, this issue might happen from polygons on top or near each other. It really depends on the type and quality of the geometry. Try disconnecting surface by surface and running the daylight simulation to find out the culprit.

An unrelated point - you mention an ‘automatic slider run’. Did you download something to help you automatically move the sliders? I downloaded something like this from this site ages ago and can’t remember where I downloaded it from. If you did, and you can remember, can you let me know? Cheers!

Thanks for the replies. I will give them a try. The odd thing was that it was working fine and a colleague who is using the same model is not having issues. Automatic was may be a misused term, I just automated/animated the slider natively.


Search for Polinator and you’ll find an example using the automized sliders. Also one of the HB has it. It is based on a piece of code developed by David rutten, as far as i remember.


Yes. It is a C# component which I modified from what David has originally developed.

Hi Ed,

If you check the folder you should find a file that is named as yourProjectName_Init.bat - If you run that file you should be able to see the error. The init file creates the .oct file from sky file, material files and geometry so it can fail in case any of the files has an error.


That’s the one! I knew it was kicking around somewhere. And Mostapha - thanks also for your work on this component - it has been remarkably useful in me working on parametric studies.