Odd behaviour of Honeybee_Microclimate Map Analysis?

I am updating to the latest (2016) components an excellent example script for external environment UTCI / comfort analysis. It is attached.

I have it all working except for the very last 2 components: the penultimate one “Honeybee_Microclimate Map Analysis” seems to be the problem. This provides output not as a list of numbers but as a list of most of the total list length of 745 not containing the expected data values but code that reads “IronPython.Runtime.List” for each line…

Then the final component “Honeybee_Visulaize Microclimate Map” gives an error, I presume because of the output from the above component.


My plan is to adapt this to read a GIS file of real building form data, but first I need this working…


Outdoor_Microclimate_Map_updateV2a.gh (688 KB)


Your update was right. There were many components “outdated”.

After updating it right and reinserting a couple of components your file is working. See attached.


Outdoor_Microclimate_Map_updateV2a_AY.gh (708 KB)