Odd errors upon rebooting+reopening a file

Hi, so long story short, have been working on some eQuest tooling to work off the HB workflow (will be opensource just not at the point to share yet; mid-rewrite). Was at my day job… with my laptop up and toodle’n away everything was working fine no issues: save, shutdown, reboot at the house:

had not touched any LBT code mentioned in the traceback, (unsure if for some reason 1.1.0 compos were supposed to be 1.1.1)

Did 'ye olde “turn it off and back on again” no-joy, reversioned to 1.2.0, reboot Rh/Gh, updated components on canvas, save+reboot Rh/Gh: no-joy, revers’d to 1.1.0: no-joy till (probably the kicker) started a fresh Rh/Gh file pair.

Knowing that the info provided is pretty ambiguous; Couldn’t think of what more to provide, other than: in the components I’d been creating: I had not utilized:

try :
from lbtModules import xyz

and had just been:
from ladybug/honeybee import xyz

That’s the only thing I can think of that may have been able to ‘mess with the matrix’, that I had going on.