Odd Geometry Error with Shade?

I am having a weird error with some simple shade geometry, and I wonder if anyone might be able to diagnose the problem or give me some suggestions as to how to fix it?

The shade surface in questions is a roof, a simple Brep in Rhino, but it gives me some very odd 3D lines at the diagonals when converted to an HB-Shade?

The lines sort of go in 3d up off the main roof for some reason?

The Brep geometry seems pretty clean from what I can tell? I guess it does have something of an ‘inside’ corner, but have never seen that cause an issue like this before? I’ve attached here an internalized / cleaned copy with the problem face highlighted for reference.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

problem_face.gh (26.2 KB)

I would mesh the geometry before passing it to the shade component and see if that helps.

Hi @mostapha

Thanks - I assume “…message the geometry…” was a typo / autocorrect error? I’m not sure what you meant to suggest there though?


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Sorry! I fixed it. :sweat_smile:

ah! I see.

Yup, that worked just perfectly:

thank you!

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