Odd Result with CEC Modules PV Potential

Good day @djordje, all esteemed bug farmers :slight_smile:

I have an odd situation at hand, when I try to run PV potential using CEC PV Module on one particular facade of the brep I get an error (1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.)

When I run the same using the Simplified PV Module it works just fine

All the other 5 faces of the brep simulate just fine too.

Any pointers good people?
CEC Module PV Test.gh (498.7 KB)

Hi Gerald,

I had a quick glance, and there are two things that are causing the issue:

  1. NREL changed the structure of their CEC module’s library since the time “Import CEC photovoltaics module” component was made (april 2017). It seems I have not been aware of this. Thank you for reporting it!
    As I can not fix this issue immediately you can use an older CEC module library from this post. It has some 7000 modules less than the newest CEC modules library, but still it will be sufficient, at least for now.
  2. There seems to be some tolerance issue when PVsurface is positioned exactly at 90 degrees tilt, like in your case.
    Are you trying to put PV panels on a vertical building facade?
    If that is so, the work around (for now, until the issue is fixed) is to slightly increase the tilt angle of the PVsurface. For example by 1 degree (91 degree tilt angle). This will get rid of the error message ‘Attempted to divide by zero’.

Thank you once again for reporting this issues, and hopefully they will be fixed soon.
Until then you can use the upper two temporary fixes.

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Thank you @djordje

Yes I am working on PV on a vertical facade. I made the necessary changes and all works just fine.