Offset_dist value

Good evening everyone!
It is the first time that I write in this forum so excuse me if I do something wrong.
I’m doing some DirectSunHours analysis with ladybug and I have some doubts about the Offset_dist parameter. My model is in meters and I set the Offset_dist value to 0.05. It is not very clear to me how this data works because if I increase it, it doesn’t increase the distance between the original surface and the Mesh, but what changes is the coloring gradient of the surfaces. If anyone can explain to me how to best set this parameter I would be very grateful. Thank you, and have a nice evening!

Hi @Martina.G ,

Welcome to the forum! The offset_dist_ does not change the mesh geometry at all but, if you connect the points output of the component to a native Grasshopper Point parameter component, you can see that it actually moves the points at which the sun visibility is being evaluates (which is what ultimately colors the mesh).

So you are changing the analysis by increasing the offset distance but you just aren’t changing the mesh geometry that you are ultimately visualizing.