Old component? or lost?

HI, Thanks all, I’m hept evry time coments by you.
I have basic question, I installed and work the latest ver Ladybug,
I often see the youtube tutorial, sometimes I can’t find the components, I’m warried…
For example, I can’t find ‘Ladybug_Radiation Analysis’ component on my grasshopper,
but if I open someone’s gha file including this, I can open.
Is it difficult find it on my grasshoper?? Shoudl I downgrage the past ver Ladybug??
Thanks reading, I’m beginner Ladybug, even Grasshopper.

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Hi @Pan

There are two versions of honeybee ladybug. The legacy version and the newer versions. There are a lot of video’s using the legacy version, so probably this is why you can’t find the components. You can install the legacy version next to the newer version.