On the basis of the air boundary


I am asking a question using the translation function.
I’m sorry if there are any expressions that are difficult to understand.

I have a question about zone boundaries for air boundaries.

In Honeybee 1.2.0 (not the legacy version), it seems that when you select the air boundary, it is defined by Flow/Zone.
I know that this number varies depending on the area (not floor area) of adjacent zones.

Presumably, the component to change this “Flow/Zone” number or definition exists in the legacy version of Honeybee, but is not currently in Honeybee 1.2.0.
If it exists in Honeybee 1.2.0, I would love to know about it, but this is not the main topic of this article.

I noticed something strange when I converted the units of the numbers defined in “Flow/Zone” from [m3/s] to [m3/h] and then divided by the boundary area.

I noticed that the air boundary has Zone Mixing set at 360 [m3/h/m2]=360 [CMH/m2] for the boundary area. (Note that this is the zone boundary area, not the floor area.)
Is there any source or basis for this 360 [CMH/m2] value?
I have a feeling that this number is quite large.
Please let me know, developers!