One day in a year radiation studies_Error

Hey guys,

I’ve been learning HB for a week with all the great tutorials online, for which I thank you so much <3 , but I stuck with this problem.
I’m trying to simulate radiation on the ground around the mirror, lens-like object that happends on one day within the hourly period.

  1. I’ve been using annual analyze and afterword picking the day I want to have visualized.
    Somehow my results look like pic. 1.

  2. I’ve started the analyze with the grid-based simulation and pic. 2 shows my results. I find this one looking realistic (you can see that the mirror lance cumulates the bounced rays on the floor). I just doesn’t understand how does this calculation work without north input.

Which of the approaches is right?
Thank you so much in advance for helping anew user!



Def 1)190919_annual (711.2 KB)
Def2)190919_gridbased (704.9 KB)

The annual daylight simulation uses Daysim which simplifies the way it calculates direct sun. See this discussion:

In your first simulation the values are very closed but since the legend lower and higher bounds are not set it looks like that. I would also check the sun position and normal and diffuse radiation values.

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Hi Mostapha,
thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate your time!

  1. Could you please explain me how does it work with the north input in the grid-based simulation. Is it already set in one of the components? When I rotate mine lens-like objects I see the radiation on the ground is changing

  2. In the first, anual simulation the values are indeed very close to each and the change of the colors wont change it. I used also ray trace definition and see that the rays will cumulate in one place so the radiation should be stronger in one place. Right? Is my calculation correct if it shows all values so closed to each other?