Open Foam problem


I started studying butterfly and OpenFoam and everything was going well, then I moved house, changed wifi and Openfoam is giving me this problem.Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance


Everything looks fine in this screenshot. Did you get any error when you tried to run the analysis?

Thanks for quick answer, was a problem of the same naming I managed to fix that…

But now I got a strange final result, some value are completely out of scale and that obviously affects the visualization, any idea why?

Try to view results in paraview and see if they are ok. I had the same issue, which I think has to do with the location of probes. To fix the visualisation in grasshopper just put a reasonable upper limit to the gradient.

This can be the reason as you have a number of probes inside the building geometries itself. We should give a more explicit warning for cases like that.

On the other hand, just seeing the residual values you need to let the analysis run for more iterations. The values are far from convergence (10^-5).

I think we do have to include a warning on this, seems to be happening a lot.

Is it possible you think to automatically split the sampling surface with the mesh boundaries, and then scale it down a bit? Or is it easier to just filter out those huge values?

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That’s a little bit of blackbox. I think this is something that should be set by users, as it can make major differences. We can have a separate component to help the users automate this process but it’s quite straight forward to do it with GH native components.