Open-Studio is not generating results based on zones?

Hi Everyone,

I ran an energy simulation for a multi-zone building (12 zones) using OpenStudio component, however, I cannot get the results for heating and cooling based on individual zones. In other words, I get only one tree for the results including 4 identical set of data, not branched into 12 zones, as shown in the images, while on the other hand electric lighting results for example are branched according to zones!

The HVAC system I selected is VAV with reheat. I understand that the issue I am facing might have something to do with that selection, but I am not sure why is it happening? and how to get the results based on zones in this case. Any suggestions?

I have also tried another HVAC system (Fan coil unit + DOAS) and I am still getting the same issue.

Interestingly, when I select Ideal Air loads I get 12 results based on zones!

Would appreciate your help!

OK, I figured out why the data was duplicated 4 times. I did not flatten the energy simulation parameter. I now get one set of data.

However, I still cannot get the 12 zones separately?

Uploading your file may help to check your case. If possible a simplified version.

Thank you for your reply, I will try to simplify the script and attach it.

Meanwhile, I was wondering that may be this is how the HVAC systems I chose work. For example in the fan coil unit + DOAS, the results are for the chiller and boiler as a total and not per zone. Could be this how it works?