Open Studio Path Error



My Open Studio component is throwing the error , ‘expected path, got string’. (See the image). It was working two days ago, but now this component as well as the ‘EnergyPlus’ components are throwing errors. The Energy Plus component throws numerous errors and will not write the ‘idf’ file.

My honeybeehoneybee component says all of the dependencies are correctly installed.

Thank you.

BTW: I am using the Green Energy in Roof example from Hydra.


Which version of OpenStudio are you using?

Also try updating your honeybee components. There’s an update to the Export to OpenStudio component that may fix this.


Thanks for your reply. I am using 2.7.0. I initially install 2.8, but was getting errors so I installed the previous release


Try updating your Export to OpenStudio component. Some of the later versions of OpenStudio includes a different way to write out the file paths, and the updated component includes methods to address this.

The update component in panel 12:


Thanks, but everytime I update, it erases all of my HB components.


You only need to update it once. And after you update and the components have disappeared, restart Rhino, that should bring back the components.


Ok. We are getting somewhere. I think there is a new ‘less drastic error’ now. See attached and thank you for the help.


Try updating your Ladybug components too. Panel 0 in your LB toolbar. I’ve encountered that same error before and was able to solve it with an update.


I will also say that another (possibly simpler) way of solving this issue is just to use OpenStudio 2.5.0.

The newer versions of OpenStudio have a lot of changes made to them, which makes them incompatible with the versions of Honeybee components from a few months ago (hence @SaeranVasanthakumar 's suggestion to update the components)

I will also add that OpenStudio 2.6 and OpenStudio 2.7 have bugs in them that can mess up a few specific workflows (for example, you cannot apply certain analysis periods to the simulation in OS 2.7).

Import gbXML error

Thanks for your replies.
I have gotten it working with your advice; however, I am concerned that it may throw quirky errors again soon.

As far as reverting to OpenStudio 8.5.0, It seems that may provide a more comprehensive solution for the moment to avoid any issues that might pop up. Thank you again


We have been coordinating with OpenStudio team such that we are pretty confident that the next release of OpenStudio should have all bugs fixed. Still, I would recommend that people should use OpenStudio 2.5.0 for now until OpenStudio 2.8 comes out.

P.S. I’m not sure how you got a copy of OpenStudio 8.5.0. My guess is that you are either confusing it with EnergyPlus 8.5 or you have invented a time machine and brought back OpenStudio from a couple of decades in the future :slight_smile: