OpenFoam 1806 Error in Butterfly (BlockMesh)

Hi guys,

I have installed OpenFOAM v1806+ on Windows 10 home version. All the processes seem like OK.
OpenFOAM 1806 is working fine but I get the error below with the BlockMesh component.

  1. Solution exception:Failed to find container id.Do you have the OpenFOAM container running?
    You can initiate OpenFOAM container by running start_OF.bat:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ESI\OpenFOAM\1612\Windows\Scripts\start_OF.bat


As far as I know, you need to install OpenFOAM 1612+ or 1706. This version of OF does not sopport yet.

I have installed OpenFOAM v1712 but agian I get the error:sob:

Did you follow the installation instructions from Butterfly wiki page?

Also, from the screenshot, You did not run OF_Env_Create and then OpenFOAM_Start Shortcuts on your desktop.

yes I do
I run _Env_Create and OpenFOAM_Start