OpenFoam CFD Training using Butterfly in Rhino3D


Has anyone here taken this course who would recommend it or could please confirm if the investment is valid?
I want to go for it, but only if it really meets my necessities. For that, I could use more information.

The course description states that:

  1. The results can be reviewed using ParaView.
    Honeybee would not be an option, then?
  2. Taught by the creator of Butterfly CFD for Grasshopper3D
    Who recorded the videos? Do you know @TheodorosGalanos?
    Any help/info is more than welcomed.

Thank you all.


Question1: Honeybee can not visualize the openfoam very well. Paraview as a professitional post-prosess software, can visulize the result in many style as pressure on the buildings\streamline in the space.
Question2: As I knew, this course is developed and presented by @TheodorosGalanos. This course is on Vimeo firstly.

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