OpenFOAM Installation Errors

Hi All,
I’ve recently posted an issue on the LB Github for Butterfly, but haven’t yet received any response - is anyone able to assist with this?

Thank you in advance!!

Hi @jwoodall,

Have you seen all the other similar issues posted on GitHub?

There are other users on the forum who know much more than I about resolving installation issues.

@AntoineDao was thinking about creating a new Docker image from scratch to address some of this issues.

Hi! Yep looking into that with @TheodorosGalanos this week. He has also been exploring running openfoam without docker but with Ubuntu in Windows instead (you know the Ubuntu VM you can get through the Microsoft store)

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@jwoodall Hi, you should uninstall the VirtualBox version after you have installed the default setting of OpenFOAM V1612. And download the VirtualBox version 5.2.8 and install it. Please pay more attention on the VirtualBox version. In my installing experience, only Version 5.2.8 can work fine with OpenFOAM.