OpenFOAM installation via Bash on Ubunto on Windows

Hi guys,

I have been running around in circles trying to install OpenFOAM in past few days using the instruction here:

I have done my homework and applied/checked all the recommendations I could find to get it working with no luck.

Googling a bit, I came across this instructions for installing OpenFOAM on Windows. Haven’t given it a try yet but I was wondering if anyone has installed OpenFOAM this way and if it works with Butterfly?

Never mind! got the installation working by following this:

The key was to install the VM first and then install openFOAM and unchecking VM.
I installed the same exact version as suggested above.



Hi @HossZamani - can you provide the versions of OpenFoam, VB, and Windows that you used? IF using Windows 10, did you need to use the Docker Start Terminal before running OF_Env_Create?