OpenFOAM v1806 error

Does butterfly work with OpenFOAM v1806?
Is butterfly 0.0.04 the latest version?

OpenFOAM 1806 is working fine but I get the error below with the BlockMesh component.

  1. Solution exception:Failed to find container id.Do you have the OpenFOAM container running?
    You can initiate OpenFOAM container by running start_OF.bat:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ESI\OpenFOAM\1612\Windows\Scripts\start_OF.bat

Thank you for your help!

  1. Please share the snapshot of OpenFOAM running.
  2. Please make sure Rhino and OpenFOAM both are running as administrator when you run BlockMesh

Thank you for getting back to me devang.

Please see snapshot of OpenFOAM and Oracle VM running.
Rhino and OpenFOAM are running as administrators.

The error I get from BlockMesh is referencing OpenFOAM v1612 and I have v1806 installed. I wonder if butterfly is not compatible with V1806 or if the issue is that the script is not finding OpenFOAM because it is looking for v1612. Can it be fixed by telling butterfly to look for v1806 in my system?

Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

Thanks for sharing the snapshots. I would recommend having only v1612. Should work just fine.