OpenStudio 2.9 Compatablilty

I tried to install Openstudio 2.9 with the accompanied with energyplus version 9-2-0. Installation went well only Honeybee got some problems with it.
I checked the energyplus file in the openstudio folder and it seems to be version 9-2-0

Honeybee although thinks it is still V9-0-0

But more important the simulation is not running properly.

And Openstudio gives the following message:


@MinboPeng suggested in this post Ground sourced central heatpump that it should work.

Hi @Erikbeeren,

Honeybee is using the EnergyPlus under OpenStudio installation folder, and it shows “>” (larger than) “9.0”, which is true in your case, because the EP version is 9.2. You don’t have to worry about this energyPlus version, but just need to make sure openstudio’s version is correct.

I am not sure what is causing running simulation issue based on what you have provided here.
It has successfully saved osm file, but not be able to translate to idf.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Use OpenStudio App to open the osm file, to see if you could run the model there.
  2. Check if your HB version is outdated. The most recent update is on 10/24.
  3. Double click the component, and navigate to line 4957 to locate the problem. @chris might have seen this issue.

The last problem is because your default application to open osm file is OpenStudio 2.8 on your computer. You can either switch default application to 2.9 or uninstall the 2.8.

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I have an older version.

Updating Honeybee using the Honeybee_Update component however gave an error. Maybe something for @chris

@Erikbeeren ,

For your latest question, the update component has, itself, been updated. You have to get the new one from @mostapha 's post:

I will to do some testing with OpenStudio 2.9 when I get the chance.

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Dear Chris,
thank you for the good work and your tutorials which I find very helpful. I’ve used Ladybug successfully.
BUT my issue: I can’t get Hoenybee to work. I have Rhino 6 and installed LB+HB from food4rhino following the recommended steps. I tried several versions of OpenStudio. Even installed EnergyPlus directly. When I try to follow your youtube HB tutorial and load 1 - Mackey Residence, I get the error: “honeybee can’t find energyplus”. I’ve tried several remedies on several forums but to no avail. I’ll value your help. Thanks so much!
I’m on Windows 10 (and have no python skills).

Can you please try openstudio version from this link?

Thanks Devang,
I installed OpenStudio from the link but still get the same error “1. Honeybee cannot find EnergyPlusV8-1-0 folder on your system”. The OpenStudio is installed on the C:\ directory.
I have an Edication version of Rhino.

if you install openstudio from the link I shared then you should have energyplus version 8-9-0. Please remove any energyplus version you may have. Also remove openstudio. Restart your machine and then install openstudio 2.5.0 from the link I shared.

all along the HB was fine. My problem was I kept importing “1 - Mackey Residence” (downloaded from youtube link) directly into HB. I think it was coupled to an earlier version of EnergyPlus hence the error.
So in case my work-around helps anyone:

  • I opened “1 - Mackey Residence” in grasshopper
  • Baked it to Rhino and saved it differently.
  • I then opened it and used it as a source of geometries for HB zones following Chris Mackay’s tutorials.
    It is working fine.
    Thanks so much!
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