OpenStudio-ERI - Energy Rating Index (ERI) calculation via OpenStudio/EnergyPlus

Hi @bwatanabe @chris I tag you for your post [HPXML to OpenStudio]

I worked on my model using openstudio application and now I need to calculate the Energy Rating Index. researching on the internet I found OpenStudio-ERI, but as far as I understand the input is hpxml, so researching I found OpenStudio-HpXml. now in openstudio-application i copied the measures from the github repository to the measures folder in openstudio and i got the following error

how should i install the measure. any guidance please.

Hi Diego,

I haven’t tried anything like going from OS to HPXML with my own model. I’ve only been exploring existing HPXML models and then opening them in OS. I bet if you post your question on Unmet Hours you might get some traction there.

Wish I could help you more.


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