Openstudio eror

I have a problem when I want to use the openStudio.
I want to do energy simulation with openStudio for one of the special systems. The simulation is done with the Energy Plus, but not with Open Studio. Does anyone know what the problem is?

I may be totally wrong, but that looks like you are using OpenStudio and if you have Honeybee version 0.0.66, then from this post it looks like you can install version 3.0 of OpenStudio.

Hope that works,


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I use legecy ladybug 0.0.69 / honeybee 0.0.66
And I use openstudio 3.1. I think this in not a problem.

As I have discovered having a version that is too high is just as bad as having a version that is too low - you need 3.0 not 3.1 it looks like


Unfortunately, Open Studio 3.0 is not installed for me. I simulated with Open Studio. But I can not get numerical output. I have a problem with Open Studio measure.

It really seems to me that you could try uninstalling OpenStudio 3.1 and trying your script with OpenStudio 3.0 Installed - at least you would know then if that’s a part of the issue or not - alternatively upgrade to LadybugTools 1.2 which is designed to be used with OpenStudio 3.1


Unfortunately, none of these solutions are correct. The Open Studio simulation component works, but the measure component does not.
However, thank you