Openstudio gives error after assigning interior material

I am stuck in running an energy simulation for a month now and I tried whatever I could imagine of. Please help me to solve this error since I am running out of time to do my thesis project.
as you see in the attached photos I intersected the Breps after bringing them in GH, then made my geometry surface by surface and everything seems alright in Honeybee-Decompose Based On Type. Then I make EP materials and assign exterior and interior EP materials.
When I assign my breps after assigning exterior material to openstudio, it runs and give me results but when I assign interior material and run openstudio it gives me this errors

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: Construction INTERIOR FLOOR of interzone surface CORRIDOR_FLOOR does not have the same number of layers as the construction LIGHTWEIGHT_FLOOR/CEILING of adjacent surface ENTRANCE_ROOF_DUP
  2. The simulation has failed because of this fatal error:
    ** Fatal ** GetSurfaceData: Errors discovered, program terminates.

I checked the surfaces it’s mentioning in the error but I do not understand where is the problem, I have redrawn my breps again and again but it doesn’t help.
Can someone pleaseeeee help me?
I really appreciate it
Thanks a lot

ask in forum.3dm (484.5 KB)

I have uploadded my GH file as well