OpenStudio Invalid dot product error

Hi All,

I’m receiving an error through OpenStudio which I haven’t seen before, and hoping someone here can help diagnose the causation?

Attached is an internalised script for a shoebox model intended to assess the impact of adjustments to a typical facade module. I’m certain that it is this bespoke module shading that is causing the error message (pasted below) which is leading to a severe error that prevents the simulation from proceeding.

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** CalcCoordinateTransformation: Invalid dot product, surface=“Mir-SHDSURFACE_10_1”:

Any insights and potential methods to overcome this are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

66_SLR (904.4 KB)

I might recommend building the model with LBT 1.2.0. This seems to be an error related to the geometry and the geometry translators of the 1.2.0 plugin are a lot more robust than the legacy ones.