OpenStudio Measures: Reports

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I know that this is something that the new version of the Ladybug Analysis Tools API is going to handle but I was wondering if there is anything that can be done till then.

The idea is to have a way to use OS measures for the creation of quick reports (and perhaps certification templates) out of our models directly in GH. I have to admit I am not entirely sure if this isn’t already available in HB. I am guessing it is possible to currently export the .osm, run the measure and get the report, but it would be cool to do it within GH especially with the visualization capabilities in GH/LB/HB.

Anyways, just dropping the idea of a post-processing tab/component that can use these and new OS measures to play with simulation outputs. See what people think.

P.S.: The current list can be found here I believe[0]=bundle%3Anrel_measure&f[1]=im_field_measure_tags%3A959

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I guess we can extract the data required for the reports using the RDD component. Next week I am hoping to re-focus on energy simulations and I will try and do that using the current standard LEED report from other software as a guide. I could then possibly reproduce this by using the same list of simulation outputs each time.

Of course, between numerical data outputs and a report there is some distance. That’s where an OS measure would come in handy. I guess, after following Chris’s amazing webinars I know how easy it is to just open the HB model in Openstudio and run the measure. I can do that for now with no problem, but I’m partial to LB/HB so it would be cool to have it as a feature.



Hi Theodore,

If you check under WIP tab in Honeybee there are two components that let you load OpenStudio Measures and apply them to your case. Here is an example:


This is what you get when you have ideas while stuck in Linux.

Thanks Mostapha! That’s amazing!