Openstudio Report measure automatic HB energy run

Hi all. I am trying to generate number of OSM file using HB Model to OSM component and later run all the OSM file using HB Run OSM component. Along with this I also wanted to add a OS measure giving an OS simulation output at the end. But when I am connecting the measure and trying to create OSM files, it running simulation directly even if value 2 is given as input in “run”. On other hand If I am not using measure it is successfully creating OSM files. How can I create OSM file keeping measures applied.
I have attched both the file and the measure that is creating probelm

Reporting.rar (1.0 MB)

Hey @Asisnath ,

This is a limitation of OpenStudio reporting measures. They cannot be run with the “measures only” option since they have code that runs both before and after the simulation. So, if you don’t want the simulation to run, make sure that you have disconnected all reporting measures from the component.

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Thanks for the reply @chris . Is there a way to implement an OS report at the end of energy plus simulation directly!