Openstudio result and original energyplus results are different

I am new in Honeybee and have an issue that I am really struggling with.

My Honeybee ‘Openstudio’ E+ result is different from original EnergyPlus result, it was the same before, but I am struggling to figure out whats happened after adding ‘ElectricEquipment’ and Setpoint and setback schedules.

I am not allowed to attach files as new user, what I do realise by comparing the HTML report is that in the Sensible Heat Gain Summary of my original E+ file,‘Interzone Air Transfer Heat Addition’ and ‘Interzone Air Transfer Heat Removal’ are both 0 while the ‘Export to Openstudio’ components E+ file gives 14197.544 and -8378kwh respectively. Any clue what causes it to have a value?

Thanks in advance!!

Best wishes,