OpenStudio Run Error!

Hi Community

I have a strange problem regarding interior surfaces when I run energy simulation via Openstudio …

I modeled an atrium which has adjacency with multiple zones and when I add interior windows between adjacent surfaces I get errors like in the picture attached below.

In I could understand as the atrium is unconditioned and the other zones are conditioned, adjacent surfaces somehow get confusion to be part of the energy modeling or not … however, when I condition the atrium again I get the same error …

What are the possible solutions?




Are you assigning the interior window surfaces to both adjacent zones (or just one of the zones)? Usually errors like this happen when only once zone has the interior surface. It also looks like you are assigning an interior window surface to an adiabatic parent surface, which OpenStuido/E+ does not allow.


Hi Chris

Thanks for your reply

Yes, Both surfaces are assigned exactly the same interior windows and to ensure I also assigned ‘surface’ boundary condition to parent surfaces …

… I tried many ways , I think it can be a bug …


Can you share a simple example that we can re-generate the error? Like a single floor atrium with interior window. The un/conditioned situation doesn’t affect the solve adjacency in Honeybee.

Does it run successfully if you use the run EnergyPlus component?


Dear Mostapha

I am sorry for my late reply …
Here is a simple example as one case which I think there is sth wrong , I ll get the same errors with OS and EP … but the interesting part is that when I check the label zone surfaces it shows interior windows’ EP construction as Exterior Windows and the BC is Outdoors even after solving the adjacency again , but the same surfaces can be selected as Interior Windows when I decompose the zones based on their types…

However, this error somehow can be solved (but not completely) when I model the hbzones through hbsurfaces separately, but this algorithm regarding their properties should work fine but they dont!

I ll put the other sample soon by creating the hb zones by surfaces … and getting the same error as “invalid outside boundary condition” … (619.1 KB)


I’ll try to check your file soon. From your initial description of the issue, it sounds like you either forgot to intersect masses before you created your zones or there’s some tolerance issue where your zones aren’t perfectly adjacent to one another (like a small gap in between the zones). I’ve successfully used the workflow with interior windows a lot recently so I’m inclined to think that it is not a bug.


Ah. But, come to think of it, I did fix a bug with interior windows a couple of weeks ago:

From your description of the issue, it doesn’t sound like this was the problem but we should try updating your components just in case to see if this fixes it.


Dear Chris

Thanks for your reply
Regarding your first comment , I actually did intersect masses before creating hb zones or even I am sure about the tolerance between zones because its a simple case and I made the model based on rhino grid points …
Also as far as I followed the published ladybug-tools versions, all of my components are updated … but let me know in case if this was the issue … I really appreciate it and waiting for your reply …



I also updated the files you posted, but I still get the same error… However I am not sure why honeybee categorize interior windows as Exterior windows even after solving adjacency and assigning “interior window” material to alternative window construction …

And take into consideration as I said, I can solve this issue somehow by modeling hb zones through hb surfaces separately but it has a longer definition

Hi Again ,

Any recommendation ?