Openstudio VS Honeybee Results Mismatch

Hello dear friends!

I’m very often facing the problem when Honeybee and Open-studio don’t match the HEATING results. (Sometimes Pumps and Fans as well, but I cannot find those cases anymore).

It doesn’t happen with every HVAC system tho. Some systems like Packaged Single Zone works fine.
But when I am modeling something like Fan Coil Units with DOAS, which uses boilers for heating, the resuts are different. (Please see the image bellow, for instance).

And its weird, because for instance Ground Source WSHP with DOAS works fine as well.

Hence I cannot run parametric simulations, because I have to extract the real values out of the Energy+ result spreadsheet and put it back into Grasshopper, in order to visualize it.

However, when I run the simulation with Honeybee measures, it creates by default an EXCEL spreadsheet “inTable.csv” that actually have the legit values.

So I was wondering, am I doing anything wrong?
I guess I can just use some other GH plugins to read the created EXCEL spreadsheet.
But it may cause further troubles with other HB components, such as visualizing space EUI, for example… :C

THANK YOU :honeybee:

@mrbro ,
Thanks for posting this. Given that the cooling results are matching and the only part that seems to be off is the boiler, my guess is that we are not requesting the right output for the boiler heating energy (it looks like we might be negating the efficiency of the boiler). I’ll investigate now and post back here shortly.
These two should match, though, and you shouldn’t have any need to read the results from Excel.

Yep, that was it. I’m very glad that you found this issue, @mrbro . It turns out that we had been requesting the “boiler heating energy” instead of the “boiler gas energy,” the latter of which accounts for the efficiency of the boiler while the former does not. i just pushed the change to the github:

And you can find a sample file that reports the correct boiler energy out of the ReadEPResult component here: (554.8 KB)

Now everything should be aligned with the results you get in the html report that OpenStudio shows when you run it from their GUI.

Thanks again for finding this issue.

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Hi Chris!
Wow thank you for the instant response!
Thank you very much, cause I just did that by reading the EXCEL like so :smiley:

The new component works perfect!!