Optical features of faces

I modeled a room in LBT. Construction for faces were defined as Generic exterior and interio walls, and Generic ceiling and floor. Solar reflectance can be find as if the picture. I look for Visible Reflectance of walls and other faces.
Would you guide me, if there is any possibility that helps me find it?

Hey @mlk ,

It’s not included in the dropdown since the visible properties of objects in EnergyPlus aren’t used for most calculations (maybe except the daylight control sensors of the HB Daylight Control component. But you can check the EnergyPlus visible reflectance by plugging a panel with the following into the _attribute of the HB Color Face Attributes component.


thank you @chris
I used HB Daylight Control. I tried what you said, but the results aren’t presented for walls. While indoor or outdoor reflectance of walls affects illuminance.