Optimisation with Honeybee + ASE and sDA not avaible anymore

Hi all,

I have previously managed to use the outputs from sDA from Honeybee as an optimisation value, however with the new ASE and sDA in Honeybee +, even though the sliders are moving and changing the geometry, the results stays the same. Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi @taylor_zhou, Did you set reuseDMtx on the recipe to False? By default it is set to True which means it loads the results of the previous study if available.

Thanks @mostapha, that solved the issue. It is because in the previous Honeybee there used to be Overwrite files boolean, so i was not expecting it to be on the recipe.

Great! Also be aware of the bug in honeybee[+] for calculating sDA which will be fixed in the upcoming release. You can still use Grasshopper to calculate it from DA values.

@mostapha I don’t think i am aware of the bug you are speaking of, under what situation does the bug occur?


See this: sDA calculation

Thanks again, I just did some calc comparison just before I saw your reply.