Optimization using Daylight and Energy Simulation

hi everybody
I’m optimizing Daylight Autonomy and PMV comfort and my parameters are angle and the width of louvers. At some months like December,January,February it doesn’t show any results for optimization and it doesn’t show any red cubes at the screen .I mean the optimization runs successfully for other months but I don’t know where the problem is. Is it possible that octopus doesn’t show anything for maximizing DA and PMV comfort?
Can anyone help me? I’ll appreciate it

Hi @leilapasandi,
Please share a file if you can.

Hi devang
yeah sure… but first of all I should mention that my months are not set in AD but in helical. and the months that have problem are these:
22 November to 21 December
22 December to 20 January
21 January to 19 February
And also I can’t upload my files here because I’m a new member of this forum and new members can not upload files. so I guide you to a page that I have uploaded my files there: My files

Hi @leilapasandi,

For such optimization workflows, it is highly recommended to start small, evaluate, and then build up. Please make sure PMV and DA that you are using for optimization work perfectly fine independently first.

There are several issues with the energy model. Surface area of shared surfaces between certain adjacent zones is not same. Also, the Material named “Interior Window” is either not defined or not being applied correctly.

Looking the complexity of your model, I am fairly confident that you can solve these issues if you take another look. Again, please make sure parts of your workflow work fine independently first.

Hi @devang
Thank you so mush for your reply. But I don’t understand what you mean by “Interior Window”? Because I don’t have any interior windows! As you see all of them are exterior. Can you please explain more about it?

Please check yellow highlights in the image I attached.

hi @devang again
During this time I took another look at the algorithm but it still has the same problem. Is there any other issue I can do for it? thank you

To debug your workflow you need to start small.

Try to set up the study for one or two rooms. Debug the whole workflow, run the study and make sure it gives you the results as expected. Then add more rooms and so on. Otherwise it will always be a matter of getting lucky if you don’t understand the potentials and limitations of your approach.

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Hi @devang and @mostapha
After a hard work on my algorithm I finally found the problem. On these months :
22 November to 21 December
22 December to 20 January
21 January to 19 February
the PMV comfort is zero and when I want to maximize PMV comfort in octopus ,it doesn’t show results. Also I understood that the number of the Objects for octopus shouldn’t be zero and they should be a number except zero. So according to this reason what is the best solution for it?

If the value 0 is causing the issue you can replace it with another value (e.g. -1) using Grasshopper native components.