Optimization with Octopus (UDI and ASE)

Hello everyone

I am working on multi-objective optimization for UDI (Useful Daylight Illuminance) and ASE (Annual Sun Exposure) by using Octopus, the process has 3 genes ( each one has 3 parameters), but whatever I change the settings (crossover, mutation, elitism…) or keep them as default, after 10 generations I get 3 non-dominated solutions only ( an extreme solution for each objective, and one in the middle of the Pareto-front). The pic below shows the solutions in the middle of the process, but when it finishes after 10 generations I get 3 non-dominated solutions.

The results of UDI are convergent in some of the parameters but still varied in general.
I can’t figure out what is the problem. I have tried Octopus with different metrics before (Point-In_-time Illuminance and Air temp) and it worked well and the Pareto-front solutions were reasonable as shown below.


This is my script :
ASE + UDI.gh (238.2 KB)

Here are the solutions after 10 generations: