OSM Simulation: DOAS has no Controllers?

Hi all,

I wonder if someone can help me understand a warning I’m seeing when using an AirLoopHVAC in IronBug?

If I apply the template VRF+DOAS system, it all works fine. But if I turn ‘off’ (remove) the cooling coil, After the simulation, I now get the warning:

"GetAirPathData: AirLoopHVAC=“DOAS” has no Controllers"

I tried adding ‘controllers’ to the OA object, but that didn’t help, so it must mean something else I suppose?

I wonder if anyone can help me understand this warning and what I should do to fix it (if it needs to be fixed). I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!

example file attached for reference.
Example_No_Controller_Warning.gh (104.0 KB)