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Hi @chris,

I have downloaded the new Honeybee.
It really looks good.
In a previous post (see link above) you mentioned that other side coefficients would be possible to ad to constructions with this new version.

Is this already possible or is it still in development? I could not find it in the “construction” components.

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

It is still under development but I know exactly how it should be implemented (and how it should be exposed on Grasshopper components). I opened an issue that you can use to track if I make any progress on it:

There are some other higher priority things I need to tackle first but I’ll get to this eventually.


Hi @chris,
Is this already possible within LBT?

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

2 years is a long time to wait for this so I’m going to see if I can implement it quickly today. Just to make sure that what I am implementing will be able to satisfy your needs, I’m planning to only expose the following parameters, which will both be optional:

  • constant temperature on the other side of the geometry
  • convective/radiant coefficient on the other side of the geometry

If the constant temperature is not provided, the outdoor temperature will be used. If the convective/radiant coefficient is not provided, it will be set to zero.

If this those two parameters are all you need, I should have it by the end of today. Otherwise, if you badly needed some of the other inputs, I could probably add them except for the temperature schedule, which would really complicate things (for that, I would just write a custom post-processing component with the OpenStudio SDK).

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@Erikbeeren ,

Your wish has been granted:

You’ll be able to get the new capabilities and component with the LB Versioner in an hour or so. After that, you’ll be able to create boundary conditions with a constant temperature on the other side, which you can assign to Honeybee Faces like so:

other_side_boundary_conditions.gh (57.7 KB)



Thanks @chris