Outdoor comfort analysis: 1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!

I’m trying to produce a map of the outdoor thermal comfort. I used E+ to calculate the temperature of the ground surfaces but when I try to generate the microclimate map i get this warning: 1. The calculation has been terminated by the user!
Looking on the forum I saw that this is a generic warning that can be triggered by an error, but I can’t find it.
I’ll upload the file and I hope you can help me

Thanks a lot
Giovannianalysis.gh (626.5 KB)
model.3dm (7.1 MB)

Hi @Giovanni_Nocerino,

I checked your file. For case like yours, where there are no buildings, I believe you don’t need to run energy simulation at all. Energy simulation is done to calculate the MRT based on outdoor surface temperatures. In your case, the soil bodies are not going to create any heat. I would rather recommend you to use this recipe.

Hi @devang,
thanks for your answer. I used E+ because I wanted to discover how different soils can influence the UTCI of my model. I’ve already tried the same recipe on another model and it worked good (I’ll upload the files), But I don’t know why I get the warning now
UTCI_draft.gh (587.5 KB)

context.3dm (120.3 KB)