Outdoor comfort, effect of shading, wind and vegetation

I am studying the design of an external courtyard, with green elements and, possibly, water elements.
To evaluate and verify design assumptions I am trying to figure out if and how it is possible to use lady bug tools to simulate outdoor comfort taking into account the effects of:

  • shading
  • wind
  • vegetation, water (possibly taking into account evotranspiration cooling effects)

I surfed on the Internet but I could not find a guide or tutorial or examples adressing those topics.
I would really appreciate if you could provide me any suggstions, even on other software to use (Envimet?)
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @FrancescoEmanuele,

Outdoor comfort (to soem extend) can be done with honeybee (look at the samples folder which comes with the installation of LBT. However when you want a more integral appraoch you could better use Envimet. look here Dragonfly legacy - Envimet read library not working - #3 by minggangyin

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